Dance In Focus by Nicholas A. Price
Dance In Focus by Nicholas A. Price
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Dance In Focus
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Dance In Focus by Nicholas A. Price
Dance In Focus by Nicholas A. Price
Dance In Focus by Nicholas A. Price
Dance In Focus by Nicholas A. Price
Introduction by Nicholas A. Price

In looking for a dance subject I wanted to undertake a project which was not only a documentation of an entire dance company but a visual inspiration.

Every year in America you hear of the usual favorites arriving on stage, maybe a little variation but much the same production.

On my travels I found the Sarasota Ballet in Florida. The Company had made the bold albeit risky decision of putting an entirely different set of productions on the American stage, many having not seen the light of day in the United States in recent years if ever to my knowledge. This was the opportunity to not only see and document something different but to work closely with the company to show the entire process from start to finish in a candid documentary style.

I have provided a glimpse into the practice, the costumes, the rehearsals, the nerves, sore toes and final stage production. The entire project was shot on traditional black and white film using entirely manual equipment, with available light only and was hand printed in my darkroom.

The productions were by no means the traditional end of year formulaic approach and neither was mine. We both worked towards the ten-letter word that still appears to trouble some of us - PERFECTION!
Dance In Focus by Nicholas A. Price
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